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Faceted Wooden Rings by Dor & Kie

Zeal Living is proud to represent the incredible work of designer Diana James and her brand of hand carved, geometric faceted wood and metal jewelry - Dor & Kie.

Founded in 2010, Dor & Kie is a wordplay - it can be a sweet nod to dorkiness, a phonetic reference to a door and key, or Afrikaans for Dor & Company. All of the jewelry Diana makes under the Dor & Kie label is meticulously hand carved, polished, and accented with metal facets out of a bright, sunlit space made from shipping containers in Cape Town, South Africa. 

Diana is inspired by the versatility and natural variation of wood. She hand selects each piece of wood for its color, texture, luster and grain. Each ring starts as a simple block, and is carefully carved down to its end shape - an asymmetrical faceted design with a rich, smooth finish that is very comfortable to wear. The end result is a totally unique ring, large enough to make a statement, but light enough to be worn comfortably all day.  

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