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Sustainable Ankole Cowhorn Vases

Ankole Cowhorn Vases have just arrived from Uganda - and they are breathtaking! Each one is individually marked and vary in color from creamy white to coffee colored to charcoal black. 

The horn comes from Ugandan Ankole, a species of indigenous cow that is in danger of becoming extinct due to crossbreeding. Their signature horns are central to the culture of Uganda's Bahima tribe. Our artisan partners who manufacture the horns are dedicated to preserving the species and use horn in their processes that would otherwise be waste product. The horn has a natural shine without needing harsh chemical glossing and has the most stunning variation in color. 

The vision of our cow horn producers includes not only the preservation of the Ankole cattle but also empowering the communities where their production is located. All of the horn shapers an workers are paid a living wage, so the entire process is holistic and for the good of Uganda. 

Images via Olivia Knox and Indego Africa

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