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South African Nguni Cowhide Rugs

December 03, 2015

I am absolutely thrilled to offer you a selection of the finest South African Nguni Cowhide rugs! I personally chose each one for you in Cape Town, South Africa.

Nguni Cows have arguably the most beautiful hides in the world. Native to sub saharan Africa, their spectacular and unusual markings have made them the most highly prized hides for home decor around the world. Nguni hides are glossy, luxuriously soft, and always unique. 

Nguni cattle have been highly prized by the Zulu people of South Africa for hundreds of years. Traditionally seen as a status symbol, Nguni cattle have been long been bred for their beautiful markings and rich colors. Nguni cattle are so important to the Zulu that each hide has a particularly beautiful and poetic name - each kind of marking named after local flora, fauna, or everyday objects and occurrences in nature. 

The possibilities for cowhide decor are endless. We've got a whole board devoted to it, which you can follow here

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