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New Year, New Home

Happy New Year from Zeal Living!  Is your new year's resolution to get organized? If so, we've got the perfect baskets to help with that. We teamed up with Gone Rural to design a set of nesting woven, lidded baskets that are perfect for any room in your home. Unlike some of our other Gone Rural products, the Swazi Lutindzi grass we used for this design is undyed to ensure there is no color transfer to white linens or towels. 

Gone Rural is based out of Swaziland in Southern Africa. The company is an organization of over 760 local women, all highly skilled artisans, based in 13 groups throughout the country. Gone Rural is the result of the late Jenny Thorne's vision to see women empowered though artisan handcraft, knowing the positive ripple effect that earning a stable income has on a matriarch. The vision of Gone Rural is to see their community changed through the power of creativity and design, while directly addressing the most pressing needs of their artisans and their families through BoMake, the non-profit branch of the company. 

BoMake (which means Women) provides clean water access, a mobile health clinic, assistance with school fee's for the children of Gone Rural's employees, women's empowerment programs, community development, and other services that impact over 10,000 local Swazis.

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