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Plume Collection

Zeal Living is thrilled to offer a unique line of gorgeous Kenyan made jewelry from Plume Collection! 

 Plume Collection is a Brooklyn based line of jewelry and accessories with a passion to produce excellent quality designs while employing some of the world's most vulnerable artisan populations. Zeal Living is proud to carry Plume Collection's line of jewelry that has been produced in Kiberia, Kenya, by Victorious Bone Craft. Kiberia is one of Kenya's largest slums with an estimated 1 million residents - most of which live on less than $1.00 per day. Unemployment rates are high, and many children are uneducated. There is no running water, and the streets are littered with animal bones and horns slaughtered for food. In these bones, Victorious Bone Craft owner Jack Nyawanga and three of his friends saw an opportunity to help. Victorious Bone Craft transforms these bones into gorgeous jewelry, which accomplishes three very important goals - providing sustainable income to over 40 artisans who are paid nearly double the average wage, reducing waste in their community, and creating a gorgeous product that rivals ivory in look and feel to protect Kenya's vulnerable wildlife. 

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