Zeal Living is proud to represent the fine glass work of the artisans at Ngwenya Glass.

Ngwenya Glass is an innovative, 100% handmade and mouth-blown glass company situated in the hills of beautiful Swaziland in southern Africa. Every item made by Ngwenya glass is made with 100% recycled glass bottles collected entirely from within Swaziland. People from all over Swaziland collect bottles and are paid by the kilo for the clean glass. The glass is then melted down in furnaces fueled by a mixture of paraffin, recycled motor oil and recycled Kentucky Fried Chicken oil. 

From there, the molten glass is expertly mouth blown into fine wine glasses, unique wine coolers, whiskey tumblers, juice glasses, and decorative animal shapes.

Ngwenya glass employs more than 60 highly skilled Swazi artisans, 80% of whom have been with the company for more than 15 years. Ngwenya Glass is committed to green operations, environmental conservation, and the success of their staff. Zeal Living could not be more proud to offer Ngwenya's unique products to you.