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Le Verre Beldi has been producing recycled glass in Morocco since 1940, making it one of the country's most iconic brands. Attay (the name for Moroccan mint tea) is a tradition that stretches back for centuries in North Africa - and it is most typically served in a tall glass with an iconic ribbed design, making it much more comfortable for the tea drinker to hold. Verre Beldi glassware offers a more clean, modern take on this traditional shape. They also produce elegant and simple wine and water tumblers, as well as bowls and pitchers.

Verre Beldi came dangerously close to closing down forever in 2013, when the former owners could no longer afford to keep the business running. Abandoning the staff, customers, and equipment, production was stopped for almost a year. Luckily, the Beldi group, who own the iconic Beldi Country Club, saved the company from closing its doors and moved manufacturing to Marrakech. Today, Verre Beldi artisans process two tons of recycled glass every day. Glass is melted down in a furnace set to 1600 degrees Fahrenheit for 24 hours before it is blown and cut by hand. Cooling takes place slowly to ensure strength in the final product. All broken pieces and scraps from this process are added back in to be remelted, ensuring that no glass is wasted. 

Your purchase of Verre Beldi glassware helps preserve Morocco's oldest and last remaining glass blowing factory, while supporting the livelihood of 30+ expert glassblowers. 

The Verre Beldi factory is on the grounds of the gorgeous Beldi Country Club, which has a hotel, spa, and restaurant that is well worth a visit! 

All photos via Verre Beldi and Beldi Country Club.