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Jimani Collections


Jimani Collections

Kibera, Kenya

Jimani Collections is an organization dedicated to empowering women in the Kenyan neighborhood of Kibera - one of Nairobi's most impoverished areas. Many women in Kibera lack access to a source of steady employment, making it very difficult to support their families, start their own business, and pursue their personal goals. Through Jimani Collections, artisans are given vocational training and support, sustainable employment in an uplifting environment, and the opportunity to showcase their talent to an international market. As individual women prosper, their communities are impacted positively. Jimani's artisans all participate in mentorship, ensuring that the multiplier effect of their success is maximized. 

Zeal Living could not be more thrilled to offer the incredible work of the Jimani Collection artisans. Explore our collection of delicate jewelry and home decor here. 

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