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Founded in 1995, GIE-DANI began as a way to support and promote the work of Nigerien artisans. GIE-DANI supports 13 cooperatives in urban and rural areas throughout the country.

Cooperatives have their own workshops, where members can use tools and equipment in exchange for a nominal fee. In this way, they can improve their skills and apprentices can learn new techniques under mentorship.

Another important aspect of GIE-DANI's production is the emphasis on traditionally used and locally abundant materials, which both preserves tradition and minimizes environmental impact. Doum Palm Leaves are used for the baskets in our collection, as well as an engraved nickel medallions as a centerpiece.

Each basket is a collaboration between two artisan groups - Touareg men who create and engrave the metal medallions, and women who weave the palm leaf baskets around them. Each one is a unique work of art that represents the empowerment of hundreds of artisans.  


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