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Zeal Living + Guesthouse

Zeal Living + Guesthouse

It has been such an honor to be included in recent projects with Designer Bret Sundberg and Guest House! Guest House is an exciting Denver and Boulder concept that stages high-end homes for sale with all handcrafted and locally made goods. Everything in the homes is for sale, from the furniture, to the art, to the glassware and picture frames.  Zeal Living pieces have been scattered throughout recent projects - look closely and you'll see glassware, coasters, tablecloths, Fulani bowls, Bamileke vessels, blankets, and wall hangings. My personal favorites from this Cherry Creek apartment are the artwork by Lauren Fuhr, the gorgeous dipped textile wall hanging by Uccelino, and those to-die-for vegetable dyed velvet pillows by Edie Urie. 

Alex, the founder of Guest House, is a genuinely wonderful guy and his ingenuity is inspiring to me. I'm proud to be a Guest House partner and hope to collaborate on many projects in the future. 



(All photographs by Kylie Fitts

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