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Touareg Jewelry

While in Morocco for Trade + Impact in September, I couldn't help but encounter Touareg influenced cultural icons in every city we visited. The Touareg are a nomadic people that traditionally inhabit the Sahara Desert. Their cultural influence is found all over Libya, Algeria, Morocco, Niger, Chad, Mali, and Burkina Faso. In pre-colonial times, they controlled several trans-Saharan trade routes and were historically influential in the spread of Islam throughout the region. Their clans are related to the Berbers, who are responsible for so many of Morocco's gorgeous textiles. 

Alicia Lewin Photography

Jewelry and adornment is a strong tradition in Touareg culture, and symbolism abounds in their necklaces and bracelets. Amulets are worn by both men and women, and given as a symbolic gift of protection. Traditionally, the cross shape represents the four directions. The necklace is a blessing for the wearer - that they would find their way in times of difficulty, confusion or distress, across the four directions of the earth.

On their wedding day, Touareg women are spectacularly ornamented. The silver jewelry they wear is handmade with pride, each piece carrying its own symbolism. 

Frans Lemmen

Alicia Lewin Photography


Alicia Lewin Photography

Bracelets from our Moroccan Touareg collection are made from horn and silver inlay. Each one is ornamented with traditional designs that reference the four directions, the tribes of Morocco, the movement of the tents, and the four seasons. 

Every necklace and bracelet is one of a kind, hand selected for you. Shop the entire collection of gorgeous Moroccan finds here. 


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