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Artisan Spotlight: Ngwenya Glass

We could not be more proud to represent the incredible handcrafted glassware of Ngwenya Glass! Ngwenya glass has a rich history, with its origins as a Swedish Aid program that was founded in 1979. Since its inception, Ngwenya glass has been committed to using only 100% recycled glass, purchasing bottles and jars from local Swazi people to use as raw material. From there, the glass is melted down in a furnace fired with a mixture of paraffin, old engine oil, and Kentucky Fried Chicken oil. Each wine glass is carefully mouth blown, by expert artisans, many of whom have 15 years experience or more. After visiting the factory in person, our founder Caitlin was blown away not only by the quality of the glassware, but by the total commitment Ngwenya has as a company to its staff and the betterment of the environment, particularly in their local community. We know you will love Ngwenya's products! See the entire collection here. 

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