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South African Nguni Cowhide Rug - White with Black Spots - Large

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South African Nguni Cows are arguably the most beautiful in the world. Native to sub saharan Africa, their spectacular and unusual markings have made them the most highly prized hides for home decor around the world. Nguni hides are glossy, luxuriously soft, and always unique. Every Nguni cowhide we sell at Zeal has been hand selected in South Africa for its own individual markings, texture, and quality - ensuring the very best selection is available to you. 

Nguni cattle have been highly prized by the Zulu people of South Africa for hundreds of years. Traditionally seen as a status symbol, Nguni cattle have been long been bred for their beautiful markings and rich colors. Nguni cattle are so important to the Zulu that each hide has a particularly beautiful and poetic name - each kind of marking named after local flora, fauna, or everyday objects and occurrences in nature. 

This particular hide is Isiqanda - or "egg like". The mottled black markings against the creamy white hide have a spectacular amount of contrast, and promises to add dynamic texture and presence to any space. Under the legs, there is a tiny patch of dark brown coloring.

*Please note - this hide has a few imperfections, which are natural with free range animal hides. Imperfections add to the charm of the individual animal and do not detract from the beauty of the hide. Please see the detailed photos for more information*

  • Dimensions:
    • Longest Length: 81"
    • Center Width: 57"
    • Top Width: 63"
    • Bottom Width: 74"
    • Vertical Center Length: 75" 
  • Silky soft texture
  • Dramatic black and white mottled markings add interest
  • Large size