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Rain Batik Pillow, Light Grey

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Coming from the talented Artisans at Baobab Batik in Swaziland, the Rain Batik Pillow in Light Grey is a punchy and modern piece of art that promises to bring energy and life to any space. A neutral classic, this pillow is made in an intricate, handmade and time honored process that makes each cushion unique. 

About the process:

Skilled Artisans at Baobab Batik begin by hand painting hot wax onto white fabric in intricate patterns. The pillow covers are then dyed by hand in a semi-outdoor space, and left to dry on lines in the sun. The fabric is then boiled to remove all remaining wax, and hand sewn into beautiful cushion covers to adorn your home. 

Features include: 

  • Neutral cool grey tone, well suited to any home decor
  • Individually hand painted, hand dyed, and hand sewn for a truly unique final product
  • Modern rain drop motif pattern
  • Heavy duty cotton
  • 18 x 18 inches square
  • Insert included
  • Envelope back

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