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Our Story

Zeal Living is a collection of modern, inspired goods with African Soul 

We believe in the the vibrant passion of independent designers, and in the power of design and handcraft as an employment model to support developing communities. Zeal Living is a platform to connect design lovers with undiscovered and up-and-coming African talent. We are completely committed to offering authentic, beautifully made home goods, jewelry and accessories that have been ethically made up to the highest quality standards.

Your purchase empowers artisans and designers across Africa


Meet our founder

Welcome to Zeal Living!

I'm Caitlin, founder of Zeal Living. I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, with an insatiable creative itch and a wanderlust that can't be tamed. On many return trips to South Africa as an adult, I've been impressed by the incredible talent in the region.  I started Zeal Living as a way to connect you to these incredible artisans, designers and makers. Many of the items you'll find here were designed exclusively for us. Other items I personally hand selected for you, directly from African Markets. This way, you can be assured that every Nguni Cowhide rug, Cameroonian JuJu Headdress, Swazi placemat, Rwandan basket, South African ring, and Tanzanian bracelet is authentic, beautiful, and of the finest quality. After meeting the people behind our brands and hearing their stories, I could not be more proud to introduce you to them and the incredible items they make. Zeal Living is about more than just home goods and accessories - it is an invitation to make a meaningful impact in the lives of artisans and makers across Africa by bringing gorgeous home goods, jewelry, and accessories into your life. We are so glad you are joining us on this journey!