Zeal Living is proud to represent the incredible beadwork of Monkeybiz South Africa.

Monkeybiz is a beading project based in Cape Town, South Africa that recognizes and develops the artistic ability of people who have never had the opportunity to express themselves through art. Monkeybiz is dedicated to reviving the tradition of African Beadwork, taking the love and knowledge that is passed down over the centuries and becoming a bridge from traditional bead works to contemporary artworks.

The majority of Monkeybiz artists have known poverty, neglect and deprivation for most of their lives. Against this background, Monkeybiz has achieved tremendous impact by providing a basic income to many families who would otherwise have been left destitute. Monkeybiz pays the women immediately as the work is delivered on a market day. Every artist has a bank account, encouraging money management and helping with cash security. Every beaded animal is totally unique and one of a kind. Your purchase empowers an individual artisan to reach their potential and transforms the community they live in.

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