Zeal Living is thrilled to offer the stunning work of top South African jewelry designer Ida Elsje. 

From daring street fashion to bespoke haute couture, Ida Elsje's handcrafted jewelry displays a total mastery of craft. Her signature style is an inspired, electric mix of vintage and modern aesthetics, and she is totally unafraid to push the boundaries of what is expected. Ida's line includes dramatic oversized earrings in organic shapes, bespoke headpieces, one of a kind layered necklaces, personalized engagement rings with custom cut diamonds and other semi-precious stones, even diamonds suspended in resin. 

The stunning earrings Zeal Living is proud to carry from Ida's collection are all handmade in Cape Town using the same tools jewelers have been using for the past 100 years. Ida's passion for her craft and total commitment to quality is evident in the fine craftsmanship that goes into every piece of jewelry she creates. 


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