Baobab Batik

Baobab Batik was founded in 1991 with the vision to explore the boundaries of Batik as a textile design technique, as well as to provide sustainable employment for local women. Currently Baobab Batik employs 35 skilled artisans full time out of an airy, sun-filled space adjacent to farmland in rural Swaziland. 

Baobab Batik re-invests 50% of their profits back in to the company and their people. They operate according to the 9 fair trade principles, and are committed to paying their ladies a living wage. Every pillow and scarf made by the artisans of Baobab Batik is lovingly made in a multiple step process that requires precision and care. With your Baobab Batik purchase, you can be proud to be directly supporting talented Swazi artisans while adorning your home and your life with gorgeous Batik textiles.